“The key to life is not accumulation but contribution.” – Steven Covey

Membership in Bruce Etherington’s E-Group provides an innovative, experiential learning opportunity for financial advisors. Membership focuses upon the preservation of capital and the 7 Whys of why we do what we do, which is help others help,others.

The E-Group is particularly suited for financial advisors who are interested in raising the bar of their practice to include more clients who have the financial capacity to leave this world a better place than they found it. Access to this relationship with Bruce is by invitation and best suited for advisors who want to advance their experience in the HNW market developing cases that can make a significant impact on the lives of clients and organizations that focus on enriching the lives of others. The program educates both advisor and client how to preserve capital, bear market proof their investment portfolios and position themselves to make a substantial societal difference with the “extra” with which they have been blessed for the benefit of those who have little or nothing.

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Brian Heaney Bsc, MA
National Director

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